How do I edit the free HTML templates I want to use?

 The best way to edit a HTML template is with a program called KompoZer. Download it for free at

 This program is really good, and it doesn't cost anything. Once you install it, you just need to open
 the HTML page you want to edit, and then use the menu or buttons to add design features to your
 web page. KompoZer is a visual editor, therefore, no HTML coding knowledge is required.

 Are the html templates on free?

All of these html templates are free to use, on the condition that you maintain the footer link/s.

 May I remove the footer backlinks from the template when I use it?

 No. You must maintain the footer links.

 May I change the layout of a template?

 Yes you may. This may be necessary to custom fit our templates to suit your website. However, you

 must not redistribute any of these html templates, and you must always maintain the footer links.

 How many templates may I use?

 You may use as many free html templates as you like.